Emotional & Psychological Education

“Emotional & Psychological Education” is an educational program offered to schools, universities, communities, organizations, collectives and families with the aim of making science of the human body easily accessible for the public; through raising awareness and increasing knowledge about the scientific basis of the brain and bodily functions as well as various emotional and psychological states.

To gain understanding about our physical, emotional and mental processes allows us to be more conscious of the conditioned physiological responses, emotional reflexes, habits, and conditioned patterns. This program covers a variety of topics including:

  • how physiological processes are influenced by internal states and by external substances, cues and events
  • how body-brain-behaviours are interconnected and intertwined and how they influence decision making and choices in life
  • how to recognize various emotions and psychological states and cope with them
  • how to understand different emotional and psychological symptoms and their different forms of manifestation
  • the spectrum and range of emotional and psychological problems and their complications,  and how the body/brain system regains an internal balance after enduring psychological issues