The essential foundation of all our approaches is rooted in Meditation. We help individuals and groups immerse themselves in the science of awareness through group process work and meditation retreats.


By practicing Meditation, we embark on the path of accountability, learning to take full responsibility of our own life. Meditation heightens self-awareness and diminishes resistance. The more we witness and recognize the patterns of thoughts, conditioned habits, and emotional/physiological responses, the more we discover and understand ourselves, our behaviours, and our actions.

When we learn to stop resisting the constant change of life and accept the totality of existence with all our hidden dark sides and negative emotions (fear, jealousy, guilt, shame ….), in full honesty and sincerity, life becomes more harmonious and balanced, and we become gentle and compassionate to ourselves.


By practicing Meditation, we also promote living life consciously without fear and without limitations of our conditioned beliefs and fearful defensive mechanisms. We start living through the wisdom of the heart, by responding to everything from a place of Love, with full acceptance, equanimity and surrender.

We rediscover the beauty of “being present” and undisturbed by the emotions, feelings and thoughts that arise and we stop denying negative feelings or craving positive ones.

And when we finally relearn how to just “be”, we become consciously aware and feel everything we do, and consciously do everything we feel.



  • Therapeutic Meditations
  • Active & Passive Meditations
  • Sound Healing Mediations
  • Silence Meditation