Therapy Work

We offer a wide variety of methods for personal growth, self-development, and self-healing. These techniques are used to prepare the ground for meditation, awareness, and consciousness.

Therapy is defined as a way to create a state of wellbeing within the body and mind. The services we share are for individuals and for “group process” work. Whether accommodating for individuals or groups, the three main therapy approaches we use are: 1) body oriented, 2) systemic, 3) energy work.


Body-oriented approaches:

“Trauma Healing”, “Bioenergetics”, “Neo-Reichian”, “Breath Work”, and “Music Therapy” are used to deepen one’s experience to connect with feelings and emotions, to raise one’s awareness of self and others, and to become more grounded, integrated, and authentic. The result is the ability to feel aliveness and experience the totality of life.

Traumatic events accumulate during a lifetime of repressed living. From early childhood various stressful and painful events occur frequently, these experiences are held within the body and expressed as patterns of conditioned emotional responses.

By releasing these blocked and repressed emotions, we can transform difficult emotions, beliefs and behavioral patterns. Reconnecting with the wisdom of the body is the way to healing and inner connection. By using these approaches, we allow ourselves to somatically experience and express emotional processes in a safe and supportive setting. As an outcome, the body/brain system regulates in a balanced, harmonious manner and opens up to trust, love and joy to live life fully.


Systemic approaches:

We are connected deeply to the collective energy field of our family and culture, which shapes our behaviours and decisions in relation to other individuals of such systems (family, groups, organization). From cells to organisms to systems, everything is interconnected and interdependent. Every event that happens in the past continues on resonating and has a ripple effect that transcends time and space. Therefore, it is continuously passed on from generation to generation in the form of suffering, trauma, somatic and psychosomatic illnesses, violent behaviour, or self-harming patterns.  

“Family and Systemic Constellation” approaches support individuals to uncover unconscious identification, bonding and hidden loyalties that keep them stuck in deep sources of suffering and unconscious patterns and behaviours. Once the hidden entanglements are shed light on, the process toward peace and reconciliation with ourselves and between members of the family/group/organization can begin. This is an inner growth process that brings the individual into a deep synchronicity with himself and with others. Love, compassion and harmony can then flow.


Energy work:

Our energy work is used in conjunction with each of our services and constitutes an integral part of the Tantric Energetics platform. It is not described in any detailed form or under any school of thought or special technique for the sole reason that every single cell/organism is constantly vibrating and resonating. Everything is energy.

To be part of any energetic healing process is to tune into oneself and to other living beings and objects, to start synchronizing oneself with the rhythms and vibrations that are constantly present around us; and to be aware and conscious of this constant presence, so the heart becomes harmonized and free to lead the path of our intuitive and innate self-healing abilities. When we tune in and resonate with each other with full acceptance and without any judgments, our heartbeat, respiration and brainwaves synchronize their frequencies and open up a wide field and potential of pure healing power.



  • Bioenergetics & Neo-Reichian work
  • Breath Work
  • Family & Systemic Constellation
  • Trauma Work
  • Music Therapy
  • Energy Healing