“7 Day Online Live Meditation & Guided Hypnosis”
23 – 29 November, 2020
Online meeting (Zoom), Worldwide

A relaxation and guided hypnosis meditation process that helps people learn to use the body-mind connection to support their health and well being.

In this process for seven consecutive sessions of one hour each we will self inquire through deep relaxation with respect and love into what our body and mind really need. 

Krisana will facilitate this guided healing process – communicating with our unconscious.
She will address the relationship and gives insights between the conscious and unconscious layers of the mind and their influence on the body and our well being. 

It is offered as a seven day series of one-hour sessions.
You are invited during this guided relaxation to lie down or sit comfortably to fully receive this guided process. 

During this 7 Day process:

  • You will learn how to communicate with your mind and body at a very deep level. 
  • You will recognize how mind and feelings are expressed through your body.

  • You will be able to find your own Answers by helping you recognize and respect the wisdom of your own conscious and unconscious mind and the body – mind connection. 

It is an opportunity to activate your own self-healing powers and to give yourself the gift of a one hour daily deep relaxation.


Monday the 23rd until Sunday the 29th of November.

What time:
18:00 – 19:00
(Central European Time – CET)

€ 80

To Register:
Registration and online payment is required in advance.
To apply and to register please send an email to: info@tantric-energetics.com.
Registration CLOSES on: “Friday, 20 November 2020”

Online “Live” via ZOOM