“A Journey to Wholeness”
2 & 1/2 Day Online Live Workshop
22 – 24 May, 2020

Steps toward clarity and awareness for a more fulfilling life  


Our earliest childhood experiences and overwhelming events can concretize a set of beliefs about ourselves, others and the world.  On a body level we learn to suppress our emotions and feelings physically and mentally by denying, disowning and burying them to protect ourselves from threats, “perceived” or “real”.

This is a necessary coping survival mechanism to deal with life. 
But over time, this protective process becomes chronic and automatic as we grow up, and we lose the capacity to experience, feel  and discharge emotions in a healthy way.
We lose touch with reality itself, and we start relating to ourselves and others through our perception and assumptions based on our unconscious hidden truths and the unconscious fear of being revealed.

Instead of condemnation and accusation of the self and others; firstly, we have to understand that our shift of seeing reality as it is, is a byproduct of a survival mechanism in our nervous system. This mechanism enabled us to cope with the intensity of situations and the overwhelm of emotions when we were growing up. 

To name a few of these old suppressed emotions and their influence on our daily life, here is a list of some of them and where they manifest:
Negativity – insecurities – drama – anger – anxiety – stress – procrastination – self-doubt – mistrust – toxic relationships – fake friends – need for outer validation – hyper reaction to criticism – unforgiveness towards mistakes – having a double standard – not accepting oneself – lacking  intimacy and mutual respect (intimacy is feeling safe AND connected)…

By hiding from these parts of ourselves because they are uncomfortable, we develop coping strategies not to feel them but also not daring to question them. Therefore, some of the fundamental truth about ourselves has been pushed down, suppressed and hidden from ourselves and now it is conducting automatically our impulses, our feelings, our thoughts, our actions and our behaviors. As a result:   

We become very resistant to change, to life.
We constantly swing between deep pains and high pleasures. 
We lose trust in our body and its innate capacity to experience joy, love, sadness and healthy assertiveness. 
We lose a big part of our aliveness, wholeness and creativity. 

During this online workshop we invite ourselves to trust the wisdom of the heart, and allow ourselves to be open for the several truths that are hidden under our emotional armoring to come up to the surface, to the light, to become conscious so we can have a choice whether we keep holding to the old pain or beliefs or to move on by feeling it and allowing change to happen, allowing the body to process it. 

This online live workshop environment from the 22nd until the 24th of May has a powerful impact on participants integrating new learnings into one’s life as it is now. 

One of the main objectives is opening the capacity to learn to go through something unpleasant in our body (such as uncomfortable emotions), whilst at the same time having our own resources of being present and grounded. Holding these two spaces together creates a transformation and growth in the ability to live centered and balanced in a purposive way that aligns with our values, passions and makes us happy. 

Purpose is not compulsive goal-seeking but the learning to focus and direct one’s energy in the service of one’s life’.

During this online live workshop we will discover several ways to re-connect and heal the different parts of ourselves that we have been hiding  and disowning with a basic principle of the body-mind. One needs to work with the body and the mind together with body sensations, body feelings, thoughts and images. So we become present to ourselves first  and  present for each other:

Breathwork & Bioenergetics exercises 
Conscious connected breathwork
Tension Stress Release Exercises
Trauma Releasing Exercises
Grounding and deep relaxation structures
Emotional Awareness Exercises
OSHO active & passive meditations
Guided Healing meditations & visualization techniques  

WORKSHOP DATES: Central European Time (CET)

Friday 22 May :  18:00 – 20:30  >   Workshop Introduction
Saturday 23 May :  13:30 – 18:30  >  Day 1 Workshop
Sunday 24 May :  13:30 – 18:30  >  Day 2 Workshop

Online Live via ZOOM

€ 250

To apply and to register please send an email to:


Registration CLOSES on: “Thursday, 21 May 2020”