“Awareness & Meditation”
3 & 1/2 Day Workshop
04 – 07 May, 2023
Berlin, Germany


This 3 & 1/2 day workshop process is a valuable support to build mindfulness, meditation and awareness in a genuine transformational way for daily life.

‘We are the creators, not just spectators. It is not only the creation of the future, it is a creation of the present self, it is the creation of ourselves’

This workshop includes active and passive meditation methods, dancing, guidance and awareness techniques for everyday life to understand meditation and awareness.

Through a combination of active and passive meditations, guided practices and silent periods you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself and your connection to the world around you.

Participants will spend most of their days in self-exploration, discovering new ways to go deeper with meditation and its benefits.

The result is a profound experience of self-discovery and personal growth that can plant the seed of transformation and leave a lasting impact on one’s life.


Thursday 04 May 2023 :  15:00 – 18:30  >   Workshop Introduction
Friday 05 May 2023 :  07:30 – 18:00  >  Day 1 Workshop
Saturday 06 May 2023 :  07:30 – 18:00  >  Day 2 Workshop
Sunday 07 May 2023 :  07:30 – 18:00  >  Day 3 Workshop


Sliding scale prices based on your financial capability.

(This workshop is designed to be inclusive of all social levels, which is why we offer three different price points that can accommodate everyone. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to engage in personal development work, regardless of their financial circumstances)

€ 550 |Normal Price
€ 450 |
€ 350

Registration CLOSES on: “Tuesday, 02 May 2023”

To register please click on the link below:


Lebenskunst e.V.

Mehringdamm 34, 10961 Berlin

Prerequisites and Disclaimer

This workshop involves dance, active meditations and physical activity and needs suitable mobility. Any questions, please do ask.

The language of the workshop is English.

There are no particular prerequisites to be able to participate in this retreat. 

This workshop, like all Tantric Energetics workshops, is intended as life education for self-responsible adults who can be responsible for their actions at all times and who wish to grow and develop emotionally and spiritually. While it utilizes techniques drawn from therapy, it is not intended as psychotherapy for mental health issues or support for those in crisis.

In particular, if you have been treated for, or believe you may be suffering from a psychological disorder or mental health issue, you may want to consider if you are in a position to participate in our workshops, events and exercises. If in any doubt or have questions if this is right for you, please contact Krisana and Mazen by email at info@tantric-energetics.com.