“Trauma Healing & Systemic Constellation”
The Neuroscience of Bonding
3 & 1/2 Day Workshop
05 – 08 November, 2020
Berlin, Germany

The Neuroscience of Bonding

Reorienting, Moving Forward and Embodying Wholeness


Generation after generation, our inherited emotional  and behavioral imprints keep showing up in our lives. Unknowingly, we may carry our ancestors unresolved issues generations later. This information is encoded in our energy fields and cellular memories, DNA and has an effect on our health and well being: mentally, emotionally and physically.

In this workshop, we will focus on integrating and healing unresolved trauma in our personal lives and from our family systems and ancestors. Unresolved emotional or physical trauma remains locked in the energetic centers and nervous system of the body and the family system, if not released or resolved , it can result in unhealthy and disruptive life patterns, mental and physical illness, phobias, depression, anxiety, dissociation, freeze/flight/fight, loss and interruption to love and life. Feeling unworthy, unable to create healthy relationships, difficulty in finding abundance and stability for ourselves.

By setting up systemic constellations, it becomes possible for hidden dynamics, conflicts, disconnections, unconscious bonds and entanglements to be revealed. We can resolve these old traumas so that the interrupted love and life flow returns into the family system and future  generations no longer have to repeat these limiting patterns and traumatic events.  

  • Learning and experiencing Healthy Love flow and Strength that flows through the family system.

Introduction to Systemic Constellation:
Systemic constellation is an approach that understands that  our families and larger collectives are living systems.   
Living systems are guided by belonging, balance, internal order and exchange. We live in fields of information and energy. 
All Living organisms are  embedded in fields of consciousness. As humans we access these fields, consciously and unconsciously.

Systemic Constellation creates a living map of a personal, family or relational issue and provides an opportunity to explore and bring light to the dynamics behind personal difficulties, work issues and organizations.

Family constellation -trans-generational, collective fields (trauma and resources), uncover destructive family dynamics and bringing forth understanding and healing movements to allow strength, love and a healing balance for the whole system.

Family Constellation is a method that helps us find peace and reconciliation with the members of our family, or anyone with whom we are closely related. We learn to understand the underlying cause of any relationship problem, and discover that we are deeply connected to the collective energy field of our family or culture, and how this shapes our behaviour and our decisions in life. The often unconscious bond towards our parents and family members spans many generations and is at the root of most suffering. Traumas that our ancestors suffered often continue for generations.

Business/organization constellations help us to have understanding and insights, informed by the organizing principles of healthy systems and what dynamics lead to failure and what promotes success.

  • Survival bonding vs Love

Belonging and Bonding – Unconscious Bonding from Trauma – Reward & Punishment:
Belonging to a group ensures our survival. It is an ancient instinct from our primitive tribe days, instinct to belong is ingrained in us and is essential by everyone.
What we believe to be our personal difficulties, our uncertainties, insecurities and blockages, far from being merely individual facts, are knots in our family ties.
Although we create our own individuality, we also have to consider that we are part of a system mainly family, then social, cultural, territorial, etc.

  • Body to Being – Love on all dimensions

It is essential beyond any method to have the experience of being rooted and connected in our body and being in deep acceptance from a place of love towards ourselves. 
Meditation is our foundation through these 3 and half days together with active meditation and emotional and somatic awareness.
This is a fundamental Necessity of this transitory phase during the shift of paradigm that we are facing today from Fear to Acceptance and LOVE.

This workshop will be supported with Group process work and Somatic awareness exercise structures in addition to various other approaches:

OSHO Active Meditations
Systemic constellations
Trauma healing work
Relational bonding
Guided meditations
Body guided meditation
Tribal healing Drumming
Relating exercises
Energy work
Physical and energetic boundaries work – integration and connection to our felt sense


Thursday 05 November :  15:00 – 18:30  >   Workshop Introduction
Friday 06 November :  07:30 – 18:00  >  Day 1 Workshop
Saturday 07 November :  07:30 – 18:00  >  Day 1 Workshop
Sunday 08 November :  07:30 – 16:00  >  Day 2 Workshop

€ 450 | Early Bird Price (ends on Friday, 30 October 2020)
€ 550 | Normal Price
Registration CLOSES on: “Tuesday, 03 November 2020”

To apply and to register please send an email to:

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Mehringdamm 34, 10961 Berlin

Prerequisites and Disclaimer

This workshop involves dance, active meditations and physical activity and needs suitable mobility. Any questions, please do ask.

The language of the workshop is English.

There are no particular prerequisites to be able to participate in this retreat. 

This workshop, like all Tantric Energetics workshops, is intended as life education for self-responsible adults who can be responsible for their actions at all times and who wish to grow and develop emotionally and spiritually. While it utilizes techniques drawn from therapy, it is not intended as psychotherapy for mental health issues or support for those in crisis.

In particular, if you have been treated for, or believe you may be suffering from a psychological disorder or mental health issue, you may want to consider if you are in a position to participate in our workshops, events and exercises. If in any doubt or have questions if this right for you, please contact Krisana and Mazen by email at info@tantric-energetics.com.