“1 Day Online Meditation Workshop”
12 March, 2022
Online meeting (Zoom), Worldwide

Along with various Meditation techniques and neuroscientific key insights into Consciousness and the Brain-Body interaction that we guide you with to make relaxation, meditation and awareness a natural process, and to opening up to new resources and treasures within you.
In this day you experiment with meditation and pay attention to what you experience.

More than ever people’s lives are affected by stress, anxiety, sensory overload, body tension and deep-seated insecurities, there is a deep longing to be at ease, relaxed and to just be.
Most of life has moved to the head, to our minds, a head oriented society. We don’t live in our bodies, we forgot the senses and have stopped feeling what is happening inside us (feelings and emotions).

Luckily, people are starting to meditate. However the more concept and ideas around the word meditation, the more misunderstanding develops.
Many of us love to talk and read about meditation, chakras, tantra…
Yes, we can read that meditation is beneficial for stress, for bodymind and emotions, empowerment and for living a fulfilling life, but how many of us really understand how to use these tools for real transformation in our lives?

In this 1 day workshop we explore with “Active meditations”, “Tantric meditations”, “Breath and Sound -guided meditations”, “Silent sittings”. To support releasing ingrained patterns in the body and mind whilst at the same time, Learning to open the heart.

All the techniques and experiences can help us experience moments where our energy expands and takes us into something far beyond the known.


Learning to reopen the heart:

When the heart doesn’t open, we cannot bring acceptance to what is going on, the judgmental mind comes and stops us.

Heart understanding. What does it mean to have an open heart?

Learning to open the heart and making space for our inner experience brings kindness acceptance, and energy starts shifting revealing more compassion and love to others and most importantly to ourselves. 

This is an invitation to everyone regardless the level of experience with Meditation.
Beginners and experienced are welcome to benefit from this Meditation Day.


Saturday 12th of March 2022.

What time:
09:00 – 17:00
(Central European Time – CET)

€ 140

To Register:
Registration and online payment is required in advance.
To apply and to register please send an email to: info@tantric-energetics.com.
Registration CLOSES on: “Friday, 11 March 2022”

Online “Live” via ZOOM