Breathing Birth Integration & Trauma Healing Workshop
22, 23 & 24 June, 2018
Berlin, Germany

Friday 22 June – 18:00-21:00 >  Workshop Introduction 

Saturday 23 June – 07:00-17:00 >  Day 1 Workshop

Sunday 24 June – 07:00-18:00 >  Day 2 Workshop




Tantric Energetic Breathing gives you techniques with breath for exploring the early stages of life. With presence and awareness of conscious breathing you learn to overcome early life traumas and anxieties.

Tantric Energetic Breathing reintegrates the free movement of the breath wave traveling all along your body and makes you aware of the tensions that sexual conditioning and the birth trauma have caused in your body-mind.

The way you are born and take your first breath gives you an inital ‘blue-print” in the way you come out in life. In the process of Tantric Energetic “Breath Birth Integration” you can recognize the unfulfilled needs of a born baby for being in loving contact with the mother. The chemistry at birth between mother and child establishes the babies nervous system and bonds for relating.

Relaxed, welcoming birth, and a nuturing invitation into life gives you the breath to breathe in life. A disruptive birth or stressful setting gives you the sense of missing, or losing a breath to establish arriving here, your primal respiration. A sublte misbalance is established.. Without inner balance and trust you develop self-destructive patterns of fighting or collapsing.

Trauma Healing work allows you to release deep unconscious contractions from early life and heal the fear of separation, merging and relating in life. You learn techniques to explore the early stages of your life and to overcome traumas and anxieties.

Experience a new way of being born each moment.

What will happen in the workshop:
Conscious breathing
Trauma and early life integration exercises
Conscious touch
Birth integration breathing
Sound healing



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OSHO STUDIO • Schlesische Str. 38, 10997 Berlin