Sound Healing & Meditation Evening
13 July, 2018
Berlin, Germany


Friday 13 July – 18:00-22:00 >  Sound Healing  & Meditation Evening




During this event we come together to share an evening where we will explore our innate abilities to harmonize, ground and center ourselves through self-awareness and self-healing.
The journeying aspect of the evening can be deeply transformative. The Active Meditation & Sound Healing are used in a structured way, to move the energies in the body and to allow some of the emotions to be unblocked, deepening our connection to our essence, which is Love.
Through the power of sound (vibration) with embodied awareness, participants receive and learn a direct experience of understanding the nervous system. You can experience deep meditative states and tap into the wisdom of the body, below the conscious mind on the level of the unconscious mind.
The benefits of sound and frequencies helps us to process conscious or unconscious emotions, fears and/or traumas.
With the intentional use of sound healing, the participant has an embodied practice which is effective to regulate the nervous system.


To register and to reserve a spot please send an email to:




OSHO STUDIO • Schlesische Str. 38, 10997 Berlin