“Calling the Mothers”
2 Day Workshop
03 – 04 September, 2022
Berlin, Germany

Tantric Energetics & in Collaboration presents:

“Calling the Mothers”

An Invitation and Remembering of the Mother Within Workshop
What does it mean when mother comes first?
What does it mean when the woman comes first? 


This is a process of self inquiry, one where you dive into yourself to rediscover the bridge between self inquiry and self-care. The 2 day workshop is an opportunity to give quality time to women in a safe environment in the circle of other women and mothers, to explore what it means to nurture and to be loving. Bringing awareness to the feminine strength and softness, and realizing the innate ability we have to step into our power without giving up beauty and grace.

We have absorbed many beliefs, concepts and identities about what it means to be a woman. These concepts and ideas affect how we relate to ourselves, to other women, and to men in our lives, and hold us back from discovering our true nature, which is to be lived with joy and clarity. The archetype of ‘the mother’ is the source of feminine strength, unconditional love, nurturance, nourishment, and creativity. We access her ability to heal and become the vital source of our own self care and nourishment of mind, body, heart, and spirit.

In the workshop, we will discern and bring clarity to the collective unconscious conditioning we as women absorbed, explore the masculine and feminine polarities inside ourselves, to deepen our understanding of our authentic strength and our capabilities of love. Using the approach of Family Constellation and Ancestral Systemic healing, we will focus on integrating and healing the wounds of family systems and wounds between women to unveil the root of our storylines.

This self enquiry process supports understanding and self healing of the mother archetype by bringing awareness to the roles we experience in our lives. We will look at the conditioning of neediness and wanting to be wanted and how this keeps us imprisoned with projections, boundaries, conditionings, and beliefs about being a mother, wife, partner and a woman. This is an invitation to discover together the true value of being a woman and express your creative force.

With no distractions, this is your time and space to experience how to open to love and to who you truly are, together with learning how to be in this space. To realize how to open to resources available inside you and in your environment. To experience your own sensuality through meditation, art, and dance. To feel awake in your senses, present, empowered, centered, and grounded in the body.

It is a journey that takes you towards the depth of your feminine essence and awakens the ability to live your lovingness and be fully empowered.

In celebration of the feminine way, we invite you to share 
this invitation with your circle of women and mothers in your life


Who the workshop is for: 
A warm welcome to ALL WOMEN who want to explore Calling the Mother


This workshop’s techniques, approaches, and group structures will be supported with:

Family Constellation and Ancestral Systemic healing 
Relational bonding 
Experiential self enquiry 
Inner male/ female polarity work
Trauma healing work 
Inner & outer resources 
Somatic Movement & expression 
Group Sharing
Creative self expression – Intuitive art 
Sound healing
Active and Guided Meditations
Conscious movement and dance


Saturday 03 September 2022 :  07:30 – 18:00  >  Day 1 Workshop
Sunday 04 September 2022 :  07:30 – 18:00  >  Day 2 Workshop


Sliding scale prices based on your financial capability.

(These kind of workshops are inclusive to all social levels therefore we have three different prices that suits everyone, because everyone should have the possibility to do personal development work regardless of financial constraints)

€ 400 |Normal Price
€ 350 |
€ 300 | 

Registration CLOSES on: “Wednesday, 31 August 2022”

To apply and to register please send an email to:

PLACES ARE LIMITED – Apply early to secure your spot.


Yoga am Park
Am Treptower Park 42, 12435 Berlin

Prerequisites and Disclaimer

This workshop involves dance, active meditations and physical activity and needs suitable mobility. Any questions, please do ask.

The language of the workshop is English.

There are no particular prerequisites to be able to participate in this retreat. 

This workshop, like all Tantric Energetics workshops, is intended as life education for self-responsible adults who can be responsible for their actions at all times and who wish to grow and develop emotionally and spiritually. While it utilizes techniques drawn from therapy, it is not intended as psychotherapy for mental health issues or support for those in crisis.

In particular, if you have been treated for, or believe you may be suffering from a psychological disorder or mental health issue, you may want to consider if you are in a position to participate in our workshops, events and exercises. If in any doubt or have questions if this right for you, please contact Krisana and Mazen by email at info@tantric-energetics.com.