“Self Healing, Relating with Oneself & Meditation”
2 & 1/3 Day Workshop
30 September – 02 October, 2022
New York, USA

“Self Healing, Relating with Oneself & Meditation”
with Krisana & Mazen 


We invite you to our 2 & 1/3 Day workshop, where we will delve deeper into self-discovery and self-transformation in a safe supportive container and friendly atmosphere.

We will allow ourselves to rediscover harmony and balance in one’s body, heart and mind (physical, emotional, mental). To open to trust, playfulness, joy, peace and to tap into our innate potential, in the most natural and simple way.

This experiential workshop is about relearning the capacity to self regulate our emotional responses and nervous system, so we can expand our awareness and evolve to cope better with daily stresses, emotional wounds and inner tensions.

Balancing the outer and inner self – each day in our outer worldly life, we are pulled in many directions and our actions and behavior do not always align with our core values. Becoming aware of our inner self and how it balances with our outer self is the foundation (bedrock) for mental, physical and spiritual health. The conflict between our two selves can result in stress, in the body and the mind.

The way to rebalance ourselves is by regaining connection to our body’s wisdom, and to become present with feelings and thoughts (pleasant or unpleasant), so we can start responding to life out of acceptance rather than resting out of fear.

This workshop process creates a safe supportive environment so that we return to a state of balance and learn ways to access it. Restoring the capacity of feeling whole, deeply relaxed, at ease and connected to our life energy flow on the level of the body, the heart and the mind.

Living in the wisdom of the heart with love and conscious awareness reveals abundant resources to relate with oneself and others in an authentic, harmonious way that is self-healing and self-transformative.

During this workshop you will discover different ways to open up to your life energy and connect to your self healing abilities with various approaches offered during this weekend to support awareness and self empowerment :

Playful exercises
Conscious breathwork
Systemic & Family Constellations
Guided meditations
Emotional Awareness Exercises
Awareness & relating structures
Partner & Group process work
OSHO active & passive meditations
Sound Healing meditation

What is Conscious Breathwork?

Tantric Energetics Conscious Breathwork structure uses deep breathing and physical movement to help us release the repressed physical and emotional tensions that are held in the body. These tensions or blocks are actually energy patterns in the body/mind.

When we relax, when we let go of tensions, we become more free and more alive. We become more expressive. We feel more.  As our range of expression increases, we feel it as an increase of our aliveness.

This benefits us to reclaim our natural aliveness, expressiveness as well as a profound relaxation that follows deep into the core, we are then able to settle into ourselves more easily in silence and meditation.


What is sound healing?

Through Tantric Energetics’ Sound Healing we will explore our innate abilities to harmonize, ground and center ourselves through self-awareness and self-healing.

The journeying aspect of the Sound Healing is used in a structured way, to move the energies in the body and to allow some of the emotions to be unblocked, deepening our connection to our essence, which is Love.

Through the power of sound (vibration) with embodied awareness, we can experience deep meditative states and tap into the wisdom of the body, below the conscious mind on the level of the unconscious mind.

The benefits of sound and frequencies help us to process conscious or unconscious emotions, fears and or traumas.

With the intentional use of sound healing, the participant has an embodied practice which is effective to regulate the nervous system.


What are Systemic approaches?

We are connected deeply to the collective energy field of our family and culture, which shapes our behaviors and decisions in relation to other individuals of such systems (family, groups, organization). From cells to organisms to systems, everything is interconnected and interdependent. Every event that happens in the past continues on resonating and has a ripple effect that transcends time and space. Therefore, it is continuously passed on from generation to generation in the form of suffering, trauma, somatic and psychosomatic illnesses, violent behavior, or self-harming patterns.  

“Family and Systemic Constellation” approaches support individuals to uncover unconscious identification, bonding and hidden loyalties that keep them stuck in deep sources of suffering and unconscious patterns and behaviors. Once the hidden entanglements are shed light on, the process toward peace and reconciliation with ourselves and between members of the family/group/organization can begin. This is an inner growth process that brings the individual into a deep synchronicity with himself and with others. Love, compassion and harmony can then flow.


This weekend is an opportunity to experience an introduction workshop with the Founders/Directors of Tantric Energetics. They share knowledge and experience in a unique approach, grounded scientifically and supported with meditations, life coaching, healing modalities, body- mind therapeutic processes and experiential “group process” work.


Friday 30 September 2022 :  19:00 – 22:00  >   Workshop Introduction
Saturday 01 October 2022 :  07:30 – 18:00  >  Day 1 Workshop
Sunday 02 October 2022 :  07:30 – 18:00  >  Day 2 Workshop


$ 750 |Tuition Fee 

Registration CLOSES on: “Wednesday, 28 September 2022”

To apply and to register please send an email to:

PLACES ARE LIMITED – Apply early to secure your spot.


1465 Myrtle Ave
Floor 4
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Prerequisites and Disclaimer

This workshop involves dance, active meditations and physical activity and needs suitable mobility. Any questions, please do ask.

There are no particular prerequisites to be able to participate in this workshop. 

This workshop, like all Tantric Energetics workshops, is intended as life education for self-responsible adults who can be responsible for their actions at all times and who wish to grow and develop emotionally and spiritually. While it utilizes techniques drawn from therapy, it is not intended as psychotherapy for mental health issues or support for those in crisis.

In particular, if you have been treated for, or believe you may be suffering from a psychological disorder or mental health issue, you may want to consider if you are in a position to participate in our workshops, events and exercises. If in any doubt or have questions if this right for you, please contact Krisana and Mazen by email at info@tantric-energetics.com.