“Engaging the Stream of Life”
Breathwork 3 Day Process
15, 17 & 18 December, 2021
Element Yoga, Berlin

Engaging the Stream of Life
3 Day process

This is a 3 Day process BREATHWORK journey (3 sessions in an interconnected process during one week, days in between sessions are valuable to allow processing & integration) to introduce you into the approach of Tantric Energetics Breathwork and meditation oriented holistic-therapies for inner healing and transformation through Breath.

Breath is the Power and the Rhythm of Life. 

Experiencing Tantric Energetics® Breathwork:

  • You will get a deep experience of yourself and also, it will bring you deeply into your essence, by using conscious breath techniques that take you deep into the unconscious and explore what is hidden to you.
  • To find yourself, to discover who I am, what my life is about and what I can do about myself.
  • Learn different dimensions that with breathing, can open your life.
  • How to use the breath to enrich your life, bring more love to your life and feel more healthy.
  • Allowing to connect more with body pleasures, sex energy to flow.
  • Opening new spaces in your relationship with yourself and with others.
  • Deepening Conscious breathing with spirit.

Our Breath and its interconnection with Body Mind Heart

Body level brings oxygen and energy.
Mind level can help to relax the mind.
Heart level, you open the heart again and experience depths of Love and the loving space inside yourself which you would like to share with people, the world and existence.

Breath influences whatever we do in our life. From the first breath we breathe when we are born until the last breath when we let go in the process of dying. Your life develops dependent on the waves of energy created by the quality of your breath.


Body-Mind, Emotions and Breath         
Tantric Energetics® Breathing techniques developed from a synthesis of Neo Reichian Breathwork and Bioenergetics, Breath awareness, Rebirthing, Trauma work, Body therapy, Gestalt, Hypnosis and Meditation.Accompanied with active meditations methods, conscious touch and hands on work on the body, opening chromic tense physical & mental structures.



  • Brings emotional release in a safe supportive space.
  • Strengthens on a deep level the psycho-neuro immunology 
    – Your body’s immune system (immunology)
    – What your thinking and feeling (psycho)
    – Your brain and central nervous system (neuro)
    Your state of mind has a direct effect on your well being.
  •  A new integration of Body mind, heart and spirit in deep relaxation. And the evolution towards Love and Consciousness.


“Love should be like breathing,
it should be just a quality in you,
wherever you are, with whomever you are,
or even if you are alone,
love goes on overflowing from you.”


We would like to invite you to come and join us for a 3 Day process BREATHWORK journey. We will meet 3 times during the same week.

Wednesday 15th, Friday, 17th, Saturday 18th December 2021.

What time:
Wednesday 15th: 19:00 – 21:00
Friday 17th: 19:00 – 21:00
Saturday 18th: 17:00 – 1 9:00

(please arrive 15 – 20 minutes before, the event begins promptly on time. Doors will be closed always 5 min before the start.)

€ 120

To Register:
“Places are limited” due to the health regulations.
Therefore places are reserved on a first come, first served basis.
Registration and online payment is required in advance. 
To register your spot: info@tantric-energetics.com.
Registration CLOSES on: “Monday, 13 December 2021”

“Based on the Berlin senate regulations, to participate in any activity in the studio one needs to provide proof that they’re either fully vaccinated (geimpft) or recovered from Corona (genesen).”

Element Yoga
Pfuelstraße 5, 10997 Berlin
Aufgang IV, 5 Floor