Love, Relating & Intimacy – 3 Day Workshop — FULLY BOOKED—
29 November – 02 December, 2018
Berlin, Germany

Thursday 29 November – 18:00-22:00 >  Workshop Introduction 

Friday 30 November – 07:00-18:00 >  Day 1 Workshop

Saturday 01 December – 07:00-17:00 >  Day 2 Workshop

Sunday 02 December – 07:00-18:00 >  Day 3 Workshop




We constantly live in opposites and experience extreme polarities physically/emotionally/mentally.

Everybody has had at one time a hurtful and painful event (i.e. Trauma), therefore, our nervous system developed coping mechanisms to adapt to the overwhelming experiences.

We tend to vacillate between boundary extremes, pain & pleasure, hate & love, fear & trust, enmeshed & isolation, giving too much & giving too little…

When we lose trust, we protect ourselves by closing our hearts in fear of being hurt again, and we live in the fear of rejection, the fear of intimacy, and being open to give and receive fully from the heart.

Learning to restore and establish healthy boundaries with ourselves and others brings balance and self-healing. It allows the body to regulate itself, and slowly releases the inner tension and exhaustion we carry. Opens us up to a fresh perception of reality and the world around us. It is an important key in the principles of healthy relating.

This workshop is a self exploration through connecting with your body and your emotions, to find balance and rediscover healthy physical & emotional boundaries.
To find a way back to your spontaneity and the personal rhythm of the heart again – beyond conditioned ideas of sex and love.

We will use various approaches:
Boundary work
Trauma release exercises
Breath work
Inner rhythm pulsation work
Relating and Intimacy structures
Polarity work
Active meditations
Sound & Silence meditations
Sound healing journeys

• Getting to know and developing trust in yourself
• The here and now – (moment to moment)
• The heart – Love – Freedom
• The importance of feelings
• Letting go of control and allowing to feel
• Allowing both pleasurable and disturbing emotions
• Becoming connected in our body
• Respect, Sensitivity & Acceptance to our body beyond Shame, Guilt & Condemnation of the body
• Exploring Authenticity & Aliveness
• Staying centered in our body in intimate situations
• Allowing to receive and give healthy contact
• Responsibility, Awareness, Acceptance



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OSHO STUDIO • Schlesische Str. 38, 10997 Berlin