Self-Awareness & Self-Healing Workshop Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 February, 2018 Berlin, Germany

Saturday 24 Feb – 19:00-22:30 > Introduction Meditation Evening (First session)

Sunday 25 Feb – 10:00-18:00 > One day workshop




We come together during this workshop as a community of individuals to bring about self-healing, by expanding our awareness of ourselves and others, and to create a nurturing and supportive space collectively.

Learning to be at ease whilst relating to others in a group, and also whilst being on our own, are both fundamental aspects of being authentic, integrated and fully present to connect to oneself yet be part of the whole.

This journey will offer an opportunity to dive within and to complete unexpressed, held emotional energy. This healthy and safe expression of some of our hidden and repressed emotional experiences, allows us to feel more our love and aliveness, to unfold our uniqueness and to align our body-heart-mind in a contained and self-regulated harmonious flow.

We will explore the dimension of healthy relating, merging and healthy separation with the community and oneself.

The introduction evening session on Saturday 24 Feb. will support us to explore ourselves from a place of silence and stillness by tuning in to the resonance of our togetherness.

This session will prepare us to open the journey during the following day for an expansion in consciousness to allow ourselves to release emotional tension, and shift unconscious blocks through different meditations and experiential therapeutic group processes. Some of these processes will be systemic work and breath-oriented modalities, which support to cut through old conditioned breathing patterns in a way that allows healing, stress release, opening the heart, and to relax in deep silence. Other structures will ground the space and our bodies to be more playful, spontaneous, and connected to one’s feelings and one’s full presence.

When we leave the workshop we will feel an integrated sense of trust and acceptance in where we are now in our life.



Please note:

For everyone who wishes to attend the workshop on Sunday, 25 Feb., has to participate in the “Introduction Meditation Evening” on Saturday, 24 Feb. because it is the introductory and the first session of the “Self-awareness & Self-healing Workshop”.

To register and to reserve a spot please send an email to:




OSHO STUDIO • Schlesische Str. 38, 10997 Berlin